Hite’s ag bill goes too far

April 16, 2014

The Ag Nutrient Bill sponsored by Cliff Hite goes too far putting more government regulation over common sense. Thirty or more years ago when farmers were growing crops such as pickles and tomatoes fertilizer was used at a much heavier rate, yet there was no phosphorus problem in the lake.

Hite’s bill blames farmers for the cause of the algae blooms in Lake Erie, though everyone contributes to this problem. This bill requires farmers to take a course in fertilizer management at a cost of $30 every three years. Currently, farmers are mandated to take courses in pesticide use. This new legislation. if passed, is just another layer of bureaucracy that will cost the farmer and will result in higher food costs for everyone, but do little to help the algae blooms in the lake.

I would like to propose that all Ohio legislators at all levels of government who think their only job is to create and pass laws for the rest of us, follow Hite’s example in passing the following law for themselves. Every three years every legislator should be required to take a refresher course on the U.S. Constitution and the Ohio Constitution because government has lost sight of what its role in government is in relation to the people they represent.

With elections upon us, please get to know the candidates and issues before you vote. Primaries allow you to select the very best candidate to run in the general election. Many do not exercise this important voting right for various reasons, however, this year offers many choices not seen in a long time and is not going to be politics as usual.

Linda Bishop, Findlay