100 years and counting

By Valerie Urbanik

March 20, 2014

Margaret Leadbetter turned 100 yesterday.

She was surrounded Saturday by family members at her birthday party, even though she didn’t seem too impressed with herself for reaching the major milestone.

“It’s just another birthday,” Leadbetter said.

She said she didn’t understand why people were making such a big deal out of the day.

She and her husband moved to Kipton in the 1940s and she did the majority of her shopping in Oberlin.

Leadbetter worked at the former Townshop, where yard goods, sewing patterns, clothes, and other minor items were sold.

“We had good customers and a lot of people are missed,” she said.

The Lorain County Transit service in Oberlin has allowed Leadbetter to get around to stores on Mondays and Thursdays and she still takes frequent walks to the public library.

“I love Oberlin,” Leadbetter said.

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