By Jason Hawk

March 17, 2014

In an unprecedented move, more than $1.8 million will be returned to cities, townships, and public agencies all over Lorain County.

The money will come from county auditor Craig Snodgrass’ Real Estate Assessment Fund, generated annual from a small percentage of tax collections.

So how much will be put back in local pockets?

The Lorain County Joint Vocational School will get the largest local sum at $52,737.

The Oberlin City Schools won’t too badly, either, with an unexpected $24,638 windfall. The Firelands schools will also get $32,389.

Another $3,734 will be returned to the Oberlin Public Library.

The Central Lorain County Ambulance District, which covers Oberlin, will get $1,487.

“This is the first time Real Estate Assessment funds will be returned in Lorain County and we will look at it again in the future,” Snodgrass said.