I am absolutely shocked!


January 11, 2014

I like to shop early in the morning before traffic picks up and the centers are packed. So I went to Walmart around 6:30 a a.m. I always park far away from the entrance near a light post to prevent other vehicles from hitting my FJ Cruiser or shopping carts denting the doors.

I returned home and about two hours later the Lima police called me and asked if I had been in an accident at Walmart. I told them no and the officer said a woman had dented my passenger door. I went out in the garage and sure enough there was a dent in the door.

The police officer told me the woman who had dented my car had them call for me to go to the office at Walmart, and when I didn’t respond, she went outside to put a note on my windshield and I was gone. Now most honest people would feel they had done their duty andwould hav stopped there. She called the police and gave a description of my vehicle—but no license number and the police told me they had me in their computer (That bothers me, but I still don’t like Obama!)

The police gave me her name and telephone number and I called her and she gave me her insurance data over the telephone to get my car door fixed.

I am absolutely shocked!

I really didn’t think there were any of her kind of people still alive in the United States of America! She got me thinking—would I have done the same thing if I had been in her place? The answer is I would “not” have and that bothered me. I don’t like anyone being better then be at anything, so I’ve decided to be even more honest.

Elizibeth Potteiger—you are one extremely honest woman and if you keep that up, you will end up in Heaven! Then what will you do being all alone up there?

— Donald E. Zlotnik, Allentown