Thankful for the help


January 11, 2014

Everyone talks about people who are out to get all they can that's free (yes, I am guilty too). But no one pays attention to someone who helps others.

Well, I had the chance to see and meet some great people the other afternoon. On Jan. 7th, which was a Tuesday, I turned from Cool onto Reservoir Road and went about half a mile. Low and behold, in a flash, I went into a ditch. The roads were solid ice. That's when I began to see the good in people.

In the hour and a half I sat there, at least 12 to 15 people stopped to see if I was okay or needed help.

One young man in a white 4x4 tried in vain to pull me out. I thank him with all my heart.

And to all the good people who stopped, God bless you all. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

_ Larry Young, Lima