Jesus did not advocate welfare state

January 8, 2014

I agree with Thomas J. Lucente Jr. that “Jesus was more libertarian than statist,” (Dec 29, Page 4D).

I believe that Jesus did believe that you, yourself, should help the poor and the helpless, not the government through forced taxation. I really don’t think Jesus taught that we should help the lazy and the people who don’t want to work that the U.S. government puts in the welfare system so the government can control their lives.

Just think if these people worked who could work, how much money and help would be available to the real poor and the real helpless in the world.

2 Thessalonians says: “Now here is a command, dear brothers given in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ by his authority stay away from any Christian who spends his day in laziness and does not follow the idea of hard work.”

Later in Thessalonians, it says: “He who does not work shall not eat.”

And, as for Jesus wanting us to pay our taxes to a corrupt U.S. government, it says in Matthew 22-21, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God everything that belongs to God.”

The way I read that verse is that God created and owns everything and Caesar really owns nothing, so everything belongs to God and nothing to Caesar.

Glen Lewis, Lima