Letter: Help launch the Lima Express

January 4, 2014

It has been my pleasure over the past two months to spend some time with Lewis Shine. Lewis is the owner of the professional basketball team in Lima; the Lima Express. This team is not the Lima Explosion.

Lewis has a sincere passion for the city of Lima as well as basketball. He needs the support of the business community to bring a very entertaining, high-quality, God-honoring, basketball team to Lima.

The short- and long-term vision Lewis has for Lima is exciting. The energy and passion he has is refreshing and contagious. Lewis has many needs to make his dream a reality.

Lewis is bringing in players from all over the country. Some of the players have previous professional experiences in Europe and other professional leagues. This will be high-quality basketball in a well-managed league (one step down from the D league).

There is a need for business sponsorship, housing for some of these players, and part-time jobs during the season. If you have a passion for Lima, or basketball, or both, you can help out. Check Lewis and the Lima Express out on Facebook. Contact him to get information and to see what opportunities are available to get involved. The season starts Sunday so don't delay in reaching out to him.

I am not asking you to do something we haven't done. Lewis met with Gene Miller and some of the other management at Lock Sixteen enterprises and we are proud to be a sponsor of the Lima Express. As Lewis is known to say, ”All aboard!”

Tom Burtch, Rockford