Racism comes in all colors

November 9, 2013

My daughter recently went to Allen County Jobs and Family Services to apply for financial aid to take the STNA program at Apollo Adult Education. This is a two and half week course for about $720. This would prepare her for the LPN program she will be taking next August. She is 20, white and pregnant and working at local business full time.

Although she is living at home, she has bills from previous residences, car payments and medical bills, and pays us rent. She has more going out then coming in. The woman who “interviewed” her stated that she made $44 too much to qualify to have this course covered and to not even try to play the “I’m quitting my job then” game and pointed out that she was living with us anyway.

This lady made my daughter feel horrible. This is why our system isn’t working. People who want to better their lives and give back to society get nothing. I honestly believe this was a racist decision by how rude and demeaning this woman was regarding things my daughter has done in the past that had nothing to do with what she was applying for, including being pregnant. Allen County Jobs and Family Services need a serious review of their employee’s practices as well as recipients and who and how they receive assistance. It is very one-sided.

Prejudice is alive and well in Lima and it lives on both sides of the fence.

— Chris Cotner, Lima