Racism and prejudiced explored in exhibit

Craig Kelly 419-993-2077 •

November 8, 2013

LIMA — ArtSpace/Lima’s new exhibit, opening tonight, was started by, of all things, a joke.

“The first part of this was started in the eighth grade at the arts magnet class at North Middle School in 2009-2010,” art instructor Mike Huffman said. “The spring before, I came into the room to hear some kids telling a Jew joke. These were nice kids of all races, but they just had no concept of what they were saying.”

Desiring to explore this concept in greater detail, Huffman developed a unit of study that encompassed the whole year, studying not only racism, but also other forms of prejudice.

“We included primary source interviews with a wide variety of people, including people like Charles Thomas and even Peggy Ehora, talking about the glass ceiling, another form of prejudice.”

The art projects that came out of it ballooned into a broader multimedia experience, with several adults getting involved with interviews and art. The end result is a broad multimedia experience being held at ArtSpace/Lima, with video of interviews combined with original art and other forms of art exploring the issue of race.

“When you walk into the gallery, you’ll experience a cacophony of sound, with multiple voices being heard as well as digital projections on the walls,” Huffman said. “If you move about the space, you can stand where you can hear one conversation.”

The opening gala for the exhibit will be held at 7 p.m., with the exhibit running until Dec. 21.

“If we can get one person talking about this, we’ve done our job,” Huffman said.