Church tours offered Sunday in Putnam County

June 6, 2013

Putnam County Historical Society will host a tour of three Putnam

County churches this Sunday, June 9, from 1 to 3 p.m. The churches are St.

Michaelís Catholic Church in Kalida, Holy Family Catholic Church on SR

109 in New Cleveland and Grace Mennonite Church in Pandora.

The tours are open to the public. Each church will have a member of

the church to explain the history of the church and answer questions.

St. Michaels Catholic Church

312 N Broad St. Kalida

Informational talk at 1:00 and 2:00 In 1920 the parish decided they did

not fit in their old church so they built a new church. They hired an architect

, formed committees and on August 31, 1924 the first corner stone was put

into place. The project was completed two years later so on May 2, 1926

the formal dedication took place. The campanile of this magnificent building raises 135 feet into the air and is topped with a cross. This church is built in the Lombardic-Romaesque style of Northern Italy. The roof is of Spanish brick.

Holy Family Catholic Church

New Cleveland 7359 St. Route 109

This parish was started in 1859 bya small colony of German Pioneers.

The first church was built in 1860. In 1915 the plans were made for

a new church. March 18, 1916 was the completion date. The cost was

$32,000 On Easter Sunday 1919 a statue of the Holy Family was placed

in the church above the high altar. The statue was purchased by the parishioners

at a cost of $274 .

Pandora Grace Mennonite Church

502 East Main Street , Pandora

On May 1, 1904 a group held their first meeting in the old Methodist

Church in Pandora. The group met again at Diller Hall above the hardware store in Pandora. On Saturday, May 7, an organizational meeting was held and a constitution

was adopted. In August of 1904 about three dozen men and ten or twelve teams of

horses began excavation for the new building. The building was dedicated on February 26, 1905.

St. Michael's

Holy Family

Grace Mennonite