Letter: Please support Apollo on May 7

April 29, 2013

Please support Apollo on May 7

On May 7, voters in 11 area school districts will be voting on a combined 1 mill bond levy for Apollo Career Center. The funds raised from the passage of this levy will be used for many, many needed upgrades and a significant renovation to our facility, which is now 37 years in operation.

Our facilities technology infrastructure needs are many. Passage of the levy will allow us to take advantage of state dollars to make updates and modernize in many areas. Our network equipment and communications rooms were built as afterthoughts in buildings that were designed without them. Our video, security, telephone, fire detection/alarm, and heating/cooling systems all operate separately and are outdated. Our core network contains three different cabling types ranging up to 15 years old; many of our network connections are restricted from a performance standpoint because of this. We have an increasing need to provide higher performance access for a growing variety of wireless devices.

We serve up to 1,800 high school students annually, including satellite programs and summer school; our Adult Education programs provide service to more than 4,000 students per year. This summer, at least 17 (possibly more) Apollo high school students will be competing in national-level competitions. Our adult programs include high-level training programs such as one of four accredited American Welding Society certification labs in the state of Ohio. Last year we issued more postsecondary industry-related certifications than any other career center in the state. We offer this regionís only live-burn room for training firefighters and public safety personnel.

Please get out and vote on May 7, and please choose Apollo Career Center.

ó Dick Schroyer, Lima