Letter: Elida students need our support

April 22, 2013

Elida students need our support

My family moved back to Ohio after my husband retired from the military.

We have traveled the world with our children and have settled in Elida. We chose Elida because of the school and the wonderful things that they are doing there. We wanted the best education and a comfortable environment for our children.

We have seen some terrible schools in our travels and are grateful to be a Bulldog now.

If there are concerns the community has about the upcoming levy I urge you to get in touch with the school and find out the facts. Basing your vote on negative comments in the paper from someone that doesn’t know the truth is not the way to go. Please contact the school like I did. Email the board members and get the numbers.

If we neglect to support our school and the students we will in turn lose property value. I am looking at the new levy as an investment not only for my children but also for my property. How many new homebuyers look at the schools to determine resale value?

Vote for Elida this May. Our students need your support.

— Stacy Manns, Lima