Soup's on: Try this tomato-based dish

March 3, 2013

ELIDA — Dee Lee arrived early, making sure everything was in its place.

Lee and her husband, Robert E., go to New Creation Lutheran Church on Allentown Road. Lee helps with the church’s Lenten soup and bread supper and church service on Wednesdays.

It’s an effort the entire church participates in, since various people sign up to bring bread or make soup from week to week. But Lee’s early arrival was a help, as she organized the serving table and the general flow.

She enjoys helping around the church.

“I was the church secretary for 20 years,” Lee said. “I like helping the people here, and I enjoy the people.”

The recipe she shares today sounds on the surface like that of her friend, Joyce Roby, featured in this space last week. But a quick look at the ingredients shows the recipes make two very different soups. And the ladies, of course, couldn’t help but compare notes.

“You can put a variety of things in there and make something different,” Lee said of her recipe, which came from her mother. “It’s a really good soup, and it usually goes around here pretty good.”

Lee grew up cooking. She explained her mother worked as a beautician and was away from the home many evenings, so she and her father did a lot of the cooking.

Lee remembered putting hamburgers on the stove and going out in the living room to watch “Dark Shadows.” The hamburgers would burn, and her dad would yell.

“Don’t go watch TV! You can’t cook in the living room!” Lee remembers her father saying, and she laughed recalling the story.

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Dee Lee