Letter: Melida Bockrath, Ottawa

October 31, 2012

Food for thought

from Putnam County

Random thoughts:

• Commissioner-Elect Travis Jerwers voted against the Road 5 fiasco, and against the increased sales tax. Our cost for legal fees for Love and Schroeder are $235 per hour per attorney. Funny, they can’t use the town prosecutor to defend them.

• Some Road 5 residents received less than $10 for their property and had to pay their own legal fees. Who’s benefiting from this expensive project?

Jerwers voted against hiring County Administrator Jack Betscher wanting to pay over $400 a day to the Putnam County Educational Services. If Jack gets laid off, according to the contract the county picks up the unemployment costs. What does Jack do? Goofs off as far as I can see.

Other thoughts:

• Pro-life Ohio Supreme Court Justices up for election are: Justice Elect Terrence O’Donnel, Robert Cupp and Judge Sharon Kennedy. All three are backed by Ohio Right to Life. If you vote for any of the other three you are NOT pro-life.

• Tell Putnam County officials to quit spending our tax dollars. Ottawa City Council states: “they already have the dollars to pay for a ladder truck,” but say “let’s stick the county with the costs,” and “eat up more tax dollars, because we’ll charge another $100,000 to store the ladder truck.” Oddly the existing ladder truck rides quite well in the county parades. How many six story buildings are there in Putnam County? I believe the answer is none.

• School Board officials also have their hands in your pockets. They want a new van, new lawn tractors, new buses, new computers and on and on. Ever wonder why “Johnny can’t read?”

— Melida Bockrath, Ottawa