Tell Me About It: Putting it on the shelf

January 15, 2012

1. How did you get started in woodworking?A few years ago I had a heart attack. I got started building some small things and little by little I did more. Then my daughter, Rachel, got with me and said I should build shelves and she would do the floral arrangements for them.2. What do you make exactly?I do mostly shelves, but I also do furniture like side tables, nesting tables, things like that. I do shelves of all different sizes and styles. I make shelves from eight inches up to 42 inches.3. How do you decide on a design? I have different kinds of designs that I use. My wife and I sit down together and draw up what we like. We've built up the types of designs I use little by little.4. What kind of wood do you use primarily?I use walnut and cherry, and I use oak a lot, too.5. How long does a project take? It depends on what I'm doing really. The little, tiny shelves the round or corner ones I can make those pretty quickly. It takes a while to set up the saw, so once I do, I generally cut out three or four pieces. It's hard to say how long because usually I'm working on about four different projects at once.6. What kinds of tools do you use?I use sanders, routers, planes, saws and some band saws, too. The band saws are what I use to cut out a scalloped or curved edge on something.7. Where do you get your wood from?I get most of my wood in Elida from Siefker Sawmill. 8. What's the most challenging part of woodworking?I guess getting it cut out right. The most challenging part is getting the blueprint of it before you get started. I get people who want a custom shelf, and I tell them to draw up a print of what they want. You have to have that blueprint so you know what you're doing.9. What do you do with the things you make?My daughter and I sell them on the Internet now. We used to do a lot of the big craft shows. We went to Chicago, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey and New York, but it got expensive with the gas prices. It would cost $800 just to rent a booth space in the New York area. So, now we sell them on the Internet. I don't make big money on them. I make some, and it will keep me busy when I retire eventually. 10. So if someone wants to see your work, what is that Web address?They can go to

  1. Tell Me About It: Putting it on the shelf

  2. Tell Me About It: Putting it on the shelf

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